Dear User,

As many of you may be aware, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) recently issued new regulations on the SMS industry in India. These regulations are designed to significantly curb the sending of unsolicited commercial SMSes to consumers. Starting from Feb 1st 2011 every SMS service provider has to adhere to the new TRAI NCPR (National Consumer Preference Register (NCPR)) guidelines. Check www.nccptrai.gov.in for more details on new TRAI guidelines.

Being the mobile messaging service (i.e. New Stuff in Our Services, Upcoming Events, Coin Status etc.. information provided via SMSes ) provided by us, Rajgors strictly adheres to TRAI guidelines from feb 1st in order to protect consumer privacy from SMS spammers. As part of implementing new TRAI guidelines, Rajgors has worked tirelessly to further upgrade our internal processes, technology, and team to ensure 100% compliance of the new regulations.

In order to adhere to TRAI guidelines Rajgors is also changing its messaging policies from 1st of Feb. 2011 onwards.

New Policies

According to the New TRAI guidelines, No one is allowed to deliver SMSes to NDNC/NCPR listed mobile numbers. So, Starting from Feb 1st 2011 Rajgors does not deliver SMSes to NDNC/NCPR Listed mobile numbers.

We recommend you that if your mobile number is listed in NDNC/NCPR, then please check your mail regularly, as we send information like New Stuff in Our Services, Upcoming Events, Coin Status etc. on registered email also. Orelse you can change or registered your mobile number which is not registered in NDNC/NCPR.

We seek your understanding as we continue to employ our best efforts to comply with the TRAI Guidelines in a timely manner.

We regret any inconvenience caused to you and hope the advance notice will enable you to plan your future use of our services accordingly.

Rajgors - Support Team