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AUC#60 - Lot 65 : Terracotta
Hindu Coins of Medieval India

Coin Mould of Gadhaiya Coins, Terracotta, 44.81 g, 60 x 60 mm, 6 mm thick, c. 11th century AD, Gujarat region. A composite Mould of 8 coin moulds of Indo-Sassanian Gadhaiya coins, with seven coin moulds around the eight central mould. This is a very important piece of Gujarat history. It is a casting mould for the Gadhaiya coins which were quite famous for hundreds of years in Gujarat, Saurashtra, Kutch and Sindh. However, it seems that this coin mould is incomplete as the eight coin impressions do not have connecting channels for the liquid metal to pass through. Very Fine+, Extremely Rare.

Estimate : ₹. 12000 - 25000

Realized Value 12000

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