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Saturday, 26th November 2022

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AUC#57 - Lot 32 : Copper

Kushana Empire, Kanishka I (c. AD 127-152), Copper, 16.72 g. Nimbate bearded King standing in the left profile, wearing a tunic and heavy boots; holding spear, sacrificing at an altar; Bactrian legend ShAO KA/NEShKI on either side, on obverse. Lunar deity Mao (Moon) standing to left, holding out right hand in blessing, and the left hand placed on waist; Bactrian legend, MAO on right, and Tamgha in left field. Goebl 774, MACW 3079. Beautifully toned with green patina, Extremely Fine for the type, Very Rare in such high grade.

Estimate : ₹. 9000 - 10000

Realized Value 9500

Current Bid : ₹.
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