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Saturday, 26th November 2022

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AUC#57 - Lot 39 : Gold

Gupta Empire, Chandragupta I (c. AD 319-343), Gold, 7.69 g, Dinar, “Archer & Goddess on Throne” type. King nimbate, standing left, holding bow by the top, in left hand and with the left hand holding bow at top, Chandra in Brahmi below arm, Garudadhvaja to left on obverse. Goddess Ardoksho seated facing front, on a four-legged throne, holding Cornucopia in left hand, She is scattering gold coins with her out-stretched right hand. Royal Tamgha in the top-left field; label in Brahmi legend 'Shri Vikramah' in the right field (Sanjeev Kumar, TGE 2017, similar to Class I, variety D.2, page 160). On the plate specimens of Sanjeev Kumar, all of the illustrated coins have empty right hand of the Goddess without coins; however, on present coin, 3 coins are being scattered from the right hand of the Goddess. Very Fine+, not listed by Sanjeev Kumar, Extremely Rare.

Estimate : ₹. 90000 - 120000

Realized Value 90000

Current Bid : ₹.
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