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AUC#58 - Lot 126 : Silver
Coins of Mughal Empire

Jahangir (AD 1605-1627), Silver, 5.59 g, Square ½ Rupee, 14.45 x 14.05 mm, Akbarnagar Mint. Nur-ud-din legend on obverse, and Ilahi Issue with Ilahi mah Khurdad at top, and mint name Zarb Akbarnagar at bottom on reverse. This is a rare chance that a unique square ½ Rupee of this mint has been offered for grab of collectors. Such ½ Rupee coins are neither listed in any museum catalogues nor a single coin has been seen by the Cataloguer in any private collections. A sceptic might raise an argument that this is 1 Rupee coin and has been filed down from edges to reduce the weight. However, no such obvious filing marks are found on the edges, nor it is possible to shrink broad legends of a Rupee coin just by scrapping the edges. Hence this is a unique opportunity to add this unique coin in your collection. Extremely Fine. Exceedingly Rare and probably First known Coin

Estimate : ₹. 250000 - 300000

Realized Value 430000

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