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AUC#58 - Lot 130 : Silver
Coins of Mughal Empire

Queen Nur Jahan, Silver, 5.63 g, ½ Rupee, Surat Mint. The Persian poetic couplet reads “By the order of Emperor Jahangir, Gold attained a hundred beauties when the name of Nur Jahan Badshah Begum was struck on it” AH 1034, with complete mint name at bottom. Rupee coins of Nur Jahan are rare but to find ½ Rupee coins in such a great condition is extremely rare. Another reason for the rarity of Nur Jahan’s ½ Rupee coins is that people would usually save and bury Rupee coins rather than hoarding fractions. Moreover, most of the coins of Nur Jahan were melted down by her successors. About Extremely Fine, Great Rarity.

Estimate : ₹. 90000 - 100000

Realized Value 124500

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