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AUC#60 - Lot 247 : Silver
Princely States of India

Jaisalmer State, Ranjit Singh (AD 1846-1864), Sawaa Rupia, Silver, 13.30 g, Nazarana Square 1¼ Rupee (Sawai Rupia), Issued in the Queen Victoria, with the Persian legend, Malikah Mu'azamah Rafi 'ud Darjat Victoria Farman Rawai Inglistan Sikka Mubarak (= Auspicious Coin of the Honoured and Most Exalted Victoria, the Lawful Queen of England), with Gujarati numerals 17 in Noon of Farman, on obv. The Persian legend on reverse reads, Jaisalmer, Dar-us-Riyasat, Zarb Maimanat Manus Julus Sanah 22 (= Struck at the Seat of Government of Jaisalmer in the 22 year of his prosperous rule). Frozen RY 22 carried on from the earlier Mughal coins of Muhammad Shah. The numerals 17 refer to the Vikram Era year 1917 (= AD 1860), the year in which these new British couplet coins were introduced, but the year 17 remained frozen in all the subsequent coins. A bird seated to right and a Chhatra (Royal Umbrella) on rd reverse were introduced in the 3 Series of the Jaisalmer coins (similar to Nazarana Square 1 Rupee, KM# 34b). Minor test marks on both the sides, otherwise About Extremely Fine, Unpublished and probably Unique. Square Nazarana Rupees of Jaisalmer are extremely rare. However, multiple Nazarana Square Rupees like 1 ¼ Rupees or 2 ½ Rupees are of great rarity because such coins were never minted for the masses and were issued on special occasion for Presentations (Nazarana) to Royal personalities and visiting British Dignitaries only. Hence these coins are much sought after by coin collectors.

Estimate : ₹. 100000 - 150000

Realized Value 110000

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